One Week from Today!

Next week, we’ll be joined by the Brasil Guitar Duo. Here’s a video of one of their recent performances, a concerto with the Heartland Symphony Orchestra. They won’t be bringing an orchestra with them, but you will have a chance to hear some Castelnuevo-Tedesco! Please join us.

Coming in October

Thanks to everyone who joined us Wednesday for an outstanding performance by Cordis. Our next Music at Noon concert will take place on Tuesday, October 13, when the Brasil Guitar Duo joins us in McGarvey Commons.Brasil Guitar Duo

Is That a Dulcimer?

Well, not quite. On Wednesday, Music at Noon opens the 2015-16 season with Cordis. As the name might suggest, their sound is derived primarily from strings. Most of us would recognize the piano and the cello, but what about that “other” instrument?

At the heart of Cordis is a traditional Hungarian instrument that is similar to the American folk instrument we know as a hammered dulcimer. I believe that Wednesday marks the first appearance of the instrument in the Logan Series. It was a favorite of Igor Stravinsky, included in several of his chamber and symphonic works.

On Wednesday, Cordis will include their adaptation of the opening movement to Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms. You can see the cimbalom on the right side of the group and hear its distinctive timbre in the following video. I invite you to join us in McGarvey Commons Wednesday at noon to hear it first hand as Music at Noon opens our 26th season with Cordis.


Our 26th season of Music at Noon opens on Wednesday, September 23 with a performance by Cordis. The ensemble creates its own distinctive blend from a variety of influences.

Please join us for this performance in McGarvey Commons. Our programs are free and informal, and you’re welcome to enjoy your lunch with us.